Luxury meets sustainability: YSL Beauty goes after Gen Z with Nu collection

By Becky Bargh 11-Aug-2021

Targeted at the next generation of beauty consumers, the hybrid skin care and make-up products are a first for the brand as it enters a new cosmetics market

The beauty arm of Yves Saint Laurent, YSL Beauty, is entering a new era with its Nu collection of beauty skus.

‘Unapologetic meets beauty’ is the caption for the new range of no make-up make-up products targeted at an unfamiliar market from its original customers: Gen Z.

And that’s not the only unfamiliarity of the diffusion collection. The launch is YSL’s first foray into the booming skin care-meets-make-up category.

The line is inspired by multifunctional products and is infused with sustainably-sourced ingredients for the eco-conscious generation of beauty shoppers.

Specifically giving mention to terminology considered popular with Gen Zs, the products are also marketed as being free from chemicals and fragrance, and also ‘stereotype’ free; giving a nod to the inclusivity movement, which is a constant influence in the cosmetics sector to do more for underrepresented consumers.

Launching first online and in-store at Sephora in the US, the product's price tag ranges from US$34-$36, a cheaper line than a typical YSL beauty product. It’s famous Touche Éclat foundation is priced at $54.

The hero product in the 5-sku mix and match collective is the Bare Look Tint.

Available in 20 shades, the no ‘BS’ lightweight skin tint is blended with hyaluronic acid and mallow to achieve 24-hour hydration, while giving a fresh looking complexion all day long.

Glow in a Balm is a mix of plant-based glycerin and geranium rosat that helps to achieve glowing skin without make-up.

The oil-in-water formula nourishes, while light-reflecting pearls are said to leave a radiant appearance on the skin.

Third in the range is YSL’s The Blotting Lotion; a breathable mattifier that helps to control shine and reduce the appearance of pores.

Salicylic acid in this product helps to prevent oily skin and limonette has been used for a boost of antioxidants.

The Tone Corrector is available in a trio of shades that are designed to visibly improve the look of dull and tired skin.

Rosy, Green and Golden are the three shades containing tone-correcting micropearls that revive, neutralise and brighten, respectively.

Completing the line is The Dewy Mist. A daily moisturising mist infused with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and pomegranate extract that plumps and hydrates skin.

Skin is said to look fresher and appear more hydrated without leaving an oily, greasy feel.

Tapping into a Glossier era of packaging styles, the products are housed in either black or white packs, simply with their names embossed across the front.

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Packs have also been labeled with QR codes, for the digital savvy consumer.