Lynx sets its sights on women for the first time

Brand launches Lynx Attract for Her

In a new venture, Unilever brand Lynx has set its sights on attracting the female pound as it launches its first ever Lynx deodorant bodyspray for women in the form of its Lynx Attract for Her sku.

Lynx Attract, which will be available for both men and women, will launch next month and will be accompanied by a television advert which shows both men and women wearing the fragrance ‘causing chaos and accidents in a series of situations because they’re so intensely attracted to each other’.

Kieran Danaher, Lynx brand manager at Unilever UK, comments: “This is a historic moment for Lynx as a brand. For the first time in our 27 year history we are launching a male and female fragrance at the same time. Lynx Attract will unleash the full power of the Lynx Effect for both sexes and make the mating game doubly exciting.”