M&H Packages a new range of ASDA Shampoos


M&H Packages a new range of ASDA Shampoos

M&H Plastics has recently packaged ASDA’s new range of own brand shampoos on behalf of Potter & Moore.

Using the stylish PET Contour bottle (4145) with an oval flip-top (8337) in PP the new family comprises a range of shampoo bottles and conditioner tottles. A bright, vibrant colour scheme was used to reflect the exotic ingredients of pomegranate, orchid, coconut, raspberry, silk and Argan oil.

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Fiona Dobson, Packaging Development Manager at ASDA commented on the new range, “We’re delighted with the packaging for our new range. We worked closely with Potter & Moore and M&H to develop the perfect colour palette for the bottles & caps. The finished result has really helped to create presence on the shelf as well as improved quality perception within the Asda Own Brand category.”