M&H Plastics creates packaging for The Chapel salon


The RPC owned manufacturer worked with the London hairdressing company to create its first line of products

M&H Plastics has created the packaging for The Chapel’s first product range.

The award-winning London hair salon selected the RPC owned manufacturer to create the packaging for its hand cream collection.

M&H Plastics designed the 75ml white tubes which feature intricate gold blocking and imagery of night owls, honey bees and great tits.

Each design was chosen to represent a different time of the day and evoke the essence of morning, afternoon or evening that inspired each fragrance in the range.

Crispin Reed, The Chapel Co-founder, said: “It has been a great pleasure working with M&H Plastics to bring our vision for The Chapel product collection to life.

“The essence of the range is to encourage a moment of pause through their use, and the packaging components and design are fundamental in the overall experience of using the products.”

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The Chapel has four salons across London, Kent and Verbier. The debut personal care range includes candles and pulse point fragrances.