M&H Plastics creates packaging for new brand Meant

By Austyn King 14-Jun-2017

The RPC owned company chose a simple, unisex design for the brand aiming to take personal care 'back to basics'

M&H Plastics, a UK-based packaging supplier, has created the packaging for new personal care brand Meant, aiming to reflect the brand's multifunctional and eco-friendly philosophy.

Targeting consumers who feel overwhelmed by the stress of modern life, Meant's founder Lindsay Knaak-Stuart created the products to cater for all personal care needs, with a multifunctional and high quality selection of bathroom products.

To reflect the brand's values, the RPC-owned company created a simple design for the packaging, designed to appeal to both genders while being environmentally friendly, made out of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics.

The Meant packaging features metallised closures and typography, which according to M&H was chosen to represent the purity of the products' ingredients, while also adding an elegant touch to attract consumers seeking quality, high end products.

Products include Do-All Wash, a 2-in-1 shampoo and body cleanser; Do-All Conditioner, a conditioner and shaving cream; and Wonder Polish, which serves as both a body scrub and moisturiser. The range is available via the brand's website, and is set to launch soon into selected retailers.

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Knaak-Stuart also plans to add to the Meant range in the future with household cleaners and children’s products.