M&H Plastics introduces cost effective biodegradability


Philip Kingsley is first to commercialise new biodegradable product

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Philip Kingsley scalp toners

Philip Kingsley has become the first manufacturer to commercialise M&H Plastics’ new biodegradable product, designed for use in blow moulded HDPE and PP bottles, polyethylene tubes and PP moulded caps. The material is said to disintegrate in soil at a fraction of the normal plastic decomposition rate, providing environmental benefits where a product is unlikely to be recycled.

“Biodegradable products are a new addition to the portfolio of products M&H can offer to meet the increased demand for sustainable products,” says Simon Chidgey, sales & marketing director, M&H Plastics. “Philip Kingsley is the first of our customers to embrace this sentiment and has balanced the environmental benefits against the commercial impact of the product. M&H has relished working with them in developing this range as part of its UK focused procurement strategy aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.”

Trichology-based brand Philip Kingsley is using the 75ml and 250ml tall Boston round bottles from M&H’S standard range of over 1,000 products to package a range of scalp toners. The company’s md Claire Edgecombe comments: M&H worked as part of the team to help create a stylish collection using environmentally responsive products at a cost effective price point with no compromise on design.”