M&H’s curvy new addition


M&H adds a new PET bottle to its portfolio of standard products

M&H has added a brand new PET bottle to its portfolio of standard products. The 25ml bottle, which takes a screw-on cap, has a curved shape and is manufactured in PET, offering great product clarity.

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The bottle’s curved shape is suitable for a wide range of market sectors and its 25ml size means it would make an ideal sample, travel or hotel amenities pack, says M&H. The new bottle joins M&H portfolio of more than 1,200 standard products, and concept design, tool-making, production, artwork and decoration are conducted on site. As well as the new curved bottle, M&H introduced two further creations to its portfolio of standard products: the Eternal bottle and the Fusion snap-on flip top cap. The 200ml bottle is manufactured in HDPE and has a gently flared shape with softly rounded shoulders. The Eternal 24/410 neck takes a large selection of standard closures which can completely alter the appearance of the product along with changing the colour of the bottles or by using a specialist finish such as the co-ex soft touch. The Fusion snap-on flip top cap also has the option of coloured caps as well as the use of pearlised finishes and varnishes to add a quality look and feel to the product.