Macpac and Nivea partner up for a distinctive Advent calendar


Macpac and Nivea partner up for a distinctive Advent calendar

UK Thermoforming designer and manufacturer, Macpac, has designed and produced Advent calendar trays for Beiersdorf Nivea.

The trays accommodate 24 different products behind numbered 'doors' for each day in the run up to Christmas. Macpac has closely collaborated with Beiersdorf in this latest project. Behind the Advent 'doors' lies the ingenuity - 24 variably-sized and irregularly shaped products securely held into place to ensure stability during transportation, storage and shelf display.

As a Christmas gift and likely to be sent in the post, the tray design was engineered to minimise shipping and mailing costs. The tray was purposely designed by Macpac to use the smallest de-nest possible whilst allowing ease of separation at the point of packing.

This snug nesting allowed for minimal stacking in transportation, reducing unnecessary road journeys, reducing carbon footprint and optimising on warehouse space.

Macpac introduced design features for instance strengthening the tray walls, focusing on impact points such as the middle of the tray at its weakest point.

Careful consideration towards the environment resulted in the manufacture of a low gauge, lightweight recycled PET (r-PET) with 90% recycle in the blend, yet still confidently satisfying challenging logistical and modern packing environments without compromising on functionality and product integrity.

The Christmas period sees a large volume of packaging destined for landfill. The Nivea tray is 100% recyclable and should avoid this major issue as all Local Authorities can collect and re-process for continual uses.

However, if the tray does miss the recycle loop Macpac can now offer a new material in Breakdown PET which, like r-PET is 100% recyclable. However, if it does end up in landfill (end of life) Breakdown PET will biodegrade.

Macpac and Nivea partner up for a distinctive Advent calendar
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