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During In-Cosmetics 2013 in Paris, GREENTECH, one of the leading suppliers of innovative active ingredients...

During In-Cosmetics 2013 in Paris, GREENTECH, one of the leading suppliers of innovative active ingredients, has launched 3 new actives:

1 - BIOTILYS®, a biotech active to enhance beauty whatever the conditions...

BIOTILYS® is an amazing active for preserving the beauty of skin. BIOTILYS® is a NOVEL GREEN TECHNOLOGY ingredient, obtained by an optimized fermentation process. BIOTILYS® protects our skin in an optimal way both immediately and in long-term. Thus, after stress BIOTILYS® allows quick physiological recovery of the skin barrier and improves the moisturization. Consequently, BIOTILYS® preserves and enhances the skin radiance, luminosity and youthfulness.

BIOTILYS® is a new way to protect skin under any circumstances.

2 - XIMELYS®, a protector for ultra-sensitive skin:

XIMELYS® is a natural active which can quickly sooth delicate skin that strongly reacts to external factors as stress, pollution, free radicals... through various visible signs such as inflammations, irritations, rash...
In addition to its high soothing and calming activities, XIMELYS® has got important antioxidant/antiradicalar and matifying properties: XIMELYS®:

  • Inhibits the 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymatic activities, and thus presents high soothing and calming activities: anti-irritations,
  • Protects against oxidative stress and free radicals,
  • Has got strong astringent activity.

SENSILYS® has multiple & complementary protective effects for sensitive skin.

3 - DANDRILYS®, a powerful dandruff reducer and anti-itch active:

DANDRILYS® is a natural active to reduce dandruff appearance that implies inflammation and causes reactive skin irritation and very unpleasant itching.

DANDRILYS® can substitute the well-known chemical product, zinc pyrithione. In addition to its high dandruff reduction activity, DANDRILYS® presents high cleansing, soothing and anti-itch activities: DANDRILYS®:

  • Cleanses efficiently skin, hair and scalp, with 2 more foam production that SLS,
  • Reduces quickly and strongly dandruff production: decrease by 67% from the first use,
  • Inhibits the 5-LOX enzymatic activity and the mastocytes degranulation, and thus presents high soothing and calming activities: anti-irritations.

DANDRILYS® has matching properties to reduce the appearance of dandruff.

Also, GREENTECH has presented new results for hair care ingredient:

1- ORGANIC LIPACTIVE Inca Inchi® WO gives suppleness to hair fibres and lets silky hair, giving manageable volume.
Without the ORGaNic lipactive iNca iNchi® WO, hair cuticles rise: hair is dull. The ORGaNic lipactive iNca iNchi® WO coats hair scales and visibly closes cuticle: hair is smoother, softener, shinier and resistant.

2 - KARKADE - HAIR LUSTRE COMPLEX increases brilliance and brightness of hair. With the karkade - COMPLEX HAIR LUSTRE, hair fibres are suppler and hair becomes soft and silky.
Also, the karkade - COMPLEX HAIR LUSTRE contributes to fortify hair, reduce greasy hair appearance and gives texture to hair products.

3 - PHYTELENE COMPLEX 292 HAIR STRENGTH is very efficient to reduce sebum secretion in greasy hair: it reduces sebum secretion by 50% after 3 weeks of application in a shampoo.
PHYTELENE COMPLEX EGX 292 HAIR STRENGTH acts directly on the cause of thin and dull hair: the sebum excess that brings impurities on the root of the hair, blocking pores by anoxia condition. Controlling sebum, PHYTELENE COMPLEX EGX 292 HAIR STRENGTH keeps hair healthy and strong.

Finally, GREENTECH with Greensea has offered new solutions such as the latest COSMELENE NEPTUNE KELP for high skin moisturization with short and long-term effect.
At 1%, COSMELENE NEPTUNE KELP increases skin moisturization by 50% and 72%, respectively after 4h and 8h.

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