Make-up packaging: A complete range


Make-up packaging: A complete range

Induplast Packaging Group have developed a wide range of make-up containers ideal for hosting cosmetic powders and different types of make-up formulas.

The range includes small jars, complete with sifters with different hole sizes, containers with inner sections and even packaging designs for testers and mini-sizes.

The high quality of materials used, combined with luxurious finishes available, will allow you to create fully customised products that look amazing!

Complete make-up and skin care lines

Airless packaging, small bottles, lip balm containers, foamers as well as stick containers with a screw-up mechanism are available to you.

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Thanks to our extensive catalogue, you can find suitable solutions for every product:
 loose powder, creamy eyeshadow, bronzer powder, liquid foundation, tinted moisturiser, stick concealer, stick highlighter, lip balm, foaming make-up remover, cleanser and much more.