Make Up Store – A world of colour

With 130 stores in 20 countries worldwide, Make Up Store has come a long way from its inception in the nineties. Its founder and ceo Mika Liias looks forward to a bright future, placing an emphasis on expansion into new markets and helping more people to get the best out of their beauty routines

When Swedish businessman Mika Liias spotted a gap in the market for professional make-up training, he decided to take a punt on what probably proved to be the best decision of his career, as Katie Middleweek reports

The ascent of one of Sweden’s leading cosmetics brands, Make Up Store, has been swift and the climb seems to be quickening in pace. With 130 stores in 20 countries worldwide – and counting – founder and ceo Mika Liias would seem to be a very contented man.

He takes up the story of where it all began: “To tell the story from the beginning I need to go back to the 1980s when I had just started a modeling agency and alongside that ran some nightclubs. Through the nightclub work I came into contact with make-up artists and quickly learned that there was a gap in supply and demand when it came to professional training.”

According to Liias, although many people wanted to work as make-up artists, the only place that offered professional training in Sweden was a state-run school that only accepted . . .

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