Mascara packaging: Out on the lash

By Austyn King 7-Oct-2021

While humanity has been beautifying its eyes for millennia, customisation and sustainability are some of the modern pressures influencing mascara packaging

Mascara packaging: Out on the lash

While countless beauty trends have come and gone, long, full and defined eyelashes have serious staying power – dating all the way back to around 3,000 BC, when Ancient Egyptian women darkened their lashes with soot and animal fat.

Over the years, the humble mascara has gone through many evolutions, from the solid 'mascara cake' introduced in 1913 – which consumers would activate with water before applying with a brush – to the iconic wand comprising a tube and integrated applicator, pioneered by Helena Rubinstein in the 1950s that remains a make-up bag must-have today.

In the first half of 2021, prestige mascara accounted for 43% of all eye make-up sales, with ...

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