Men's skin care trend predictions for 2018


Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog Skincare For Men, has listed his top trend predictions for the men’s skin care industry in 2018

Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy broke into the male grooming when he launched Bulldog Skincare for Men. The brand debuted in the UK in 2007 and internationally in 2010.

He has been awarded for his efforts and was voted Cosmopolitan's Best men’s Face Cream and awarded the Men’s Health USA Grooming Award.

Here, he tells Cosmetics Business what he believes will be the most popular trends in male grooming throughout 2018.

Shorter Beard Styles

"Whilst the beard is certainly here to stay, I do believe that shaving-based styles will start to make more of an impact next year.

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Fashion forecasters are starting to suggest that ...

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