Mibelle Biochemistry wins gold at in-cosmetics Global

Mibelle Biochemistry is the winner of two gold innovation prizes. Gold Award at Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award in-cosmetics Global and Gold Award at BSB Innovation Prize

MossCellTec No. 1 - Enhances cell nucleus function for resilient skin

Why is MossCellTec No. 1 a real innovation?

  1. novel anti-ageing concept: cell nucleus health
  2. new ingredient source: first active ingredient from biotechnological produced moss
  3. in-vitro / in-vivo study: significant skin adaption improvement to changing and stressful conditions

Mosses were the first plants to conquer the land about 470 million years ago. They used their extraordinary adaptation abilities to survive from the prehistoric age until today.

MossCellTec is an innovative technology that now makes it possible to benefit from those extremely resilient properties.

MossCellTec No 1 is based on the protonema culture of the moss Physcomitrella patens. The active maintains cell nucleus health that is a completely novel anti-ageing concept.

The cell nucleus contains the cell’s DNA and it is involved in regulating essential cellular processes. Extensive studies showed that MossCellTec No. 1 activates the lamin A gene responsible for the nuclear envelope structure and the nuclear transport gene RanBP17.

Both genes are down-regulated in aged keratinocytes. MossCellTec No. 1 supports the skin’s adaptation to climatic stresses in vitro and in vivo.

MossCellTec No. 1 strengthens skin against urban aggressors and climatic changes and improves the hydration, barrier and homogeneity – significantly in just 2 weeks.

As MossCellTec No. 1 is the first active cosmetic ingredient derived from the juvenile form of moss, produced via biotechnology in a reproducible and sustainable way, and as it is the first active with the novel anti-ageing concept of cell nucleus heath to improve skin’s resilience.

*MossCellTec is a registered trademark ingredient of Mibelle Biochemistry

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