ModiFace: How to create the ideal beauty app


It seems like every beauty brand and his dog has an e-commerce make-up mobile app now, but for brands just entering the technology there is still plenty to learn

Rebecca Belanger is a Partnerships Manager at ModiFace, a beauty-focused augmented reality company based in Toronto, Canada.

Here she talks to Cosmetics Business about the importance of apps in beauty and how to meet consumer needs via the mobile platform.

Rebecca Belanger

Rebecca Belanger

"For the average user, an app should be fun, interactive and simple to utilise.

From the perspective of a brand, the application should also provide means for a consistent return rate, drive sales conversions and leave the customer with a lasting brand experience – ultimately establishing better brand awareness and visibility.

If the application provides a service or solution it is beneficial to both parties.

With that being said, when executed properly, use of augmented reality (AR) technology services all of these needs within a beauty application.

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AR is becoming more accessible and more widely understood...

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