Mother Dirt launches interactive ‘living, breathing’ pop-up at Showfields

The New York shopping centre has been dubbed ‘the most interesting store in the world’ by Forbes

Microbiome personal care brand Mother Dirt has launched an interactive pop-up at New York’s Showfields shopping centre.

At the space, inspired by the children’s novel Where the Wild Things Are, shoppers are encouraged to discover the brand’s hero AO+ Mist and its key ingredient ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB).

AOB is commonly found in soil and water, and essential components of the nitrogen cycle and environmental nitrification processes, according to ScienceDaily.

Mother Dirt claims its products proactively restores and preserves good bacteria naturally found on skin, which has been compromised due to modern hygiene.

“Having this 360 degree experience gives visitors the chance to learn about the science and history of the microbiome firsthand,” said Mother Dirt’s President, Jasmina Aganovic.

“Showfields’ commitment to presenting companies and ideas that push the envelope make them an ideal home for us.

“It’s important to surround ourselves with like-minded brands and to be in an environment that champions wellness.”

Showfields’ works by rotating a curated selection of digital brands and has been dubbed ‘the most interesting store in the world’ by Forbes magazine.

Today, it stocks personal care brands Quip, Function of Beauty, Frank Body and Nuria.

Showfields’ CEO Tal Zvi Nathanel said: “At Showfields we are dedicated to helping brands with a strong online presence build a physical space where they can connect with their consumers in real life.

“When looking for companies that fit this criteria, we felt Mother Dirt was a perfect fit.”

He continued: “The Mother Dirt team worked with Showfields to build an immersive space that will welcome guests into a new world, which is exactly what we want from a brand at Showfields.”

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