NARS' latest collection is dedicated to François' mother


The Claudette line is inspired by the French make-up artist's 'original model' and lifelong muse

Luxury make-up brand NARS has unveiled a line inspired by the mother of its namesake founder François Nars.

The new Claudette capsule collection, named after the French make-up artist's mother, is a nostalgic ode to the maternal figure and 1970’s Paris.

"Each boldly wearable shade paints an intimate portrait of unapologetic style and unconditional love. A vision of beauty," described the Shiseido-owned brand.

The limited edition collection, first launched in the US in December, became available to UK-based consumers this week and includes lipstick, blushers and an eyeshadow palette.

Shades feature nudes and reds in satin and matte lipsticks. Meanwhile, the palette spans from burnt orange to a shimmer taupe.

"It was a very easy process because by now, at her age, we know what she likes, and we know what I like on her," 62-year-old Nars told Vogue.

"She trusts me, I trust her, and I knew what she wanted in this collection."

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To support the launch, NARS has also teamed up Nintendo Switch video game Animal Crossing on a line of digital designs for the player to custom their avatar.