NEW vibrancy in color cosmetics: LexFeel Vibrant

LexFeel Vibrant is a sensory modifying, structuring agent that improves payoff and allows for formulations with brilliant colours, unique textures, and light skin-feel.

Unlike the greasy feel or drag associated with typical structuring agents, LexFeel Vibrant gives the perfect balance of body and light luxurious feel to emulsion and anhydrous systems.

A non-crystalline polymeric wax, LexFeel Vibrant stays clear when mixed with other clear oil phase ingredients and in the process enhances colour vibrancy and quality in anhydrous applications such as lipsticks.

As a result of a clear oil phase when using LexFeel Vibrant, a reduced amount of pigment is needed for similar vibrant payoff in colour cosmetics, therefore reducing formulation costs in the process.

The polymeric nature of LexFeel Vibrant also provides a unique method of building viscosity that improves stability while maintaining a light feel.

Formulations spread easily and provide even coverage, making it an ideal structuring agent for water-in-oil emulsions.

This multifunctional sensory-modifying polyol polyester also reduces sweating phenomena, allowing for stable and consistent formulations with a superior light feel. Compared to traditional structuring agents, formulations with LexFeel Vibrant have a brighter and cleaner colour, with creamier, light skin feel.

LexFeel Vibrant allows for bright and vivid colour cosmetics with unique textures and superior light feel.

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