Natrue launches Formula Approval concept


New label to help contract manufacturers and producers convey their natural criteria

Natrue has developed a new concept to help third party manufacturers and raw material producers convey their adherence to Natrue’s natural criteria.

The new Natrue Formula Approval will enable companies to submit their formulations for verification by a Natrue approved certifier who will issue a certificate, if verified, that shows the formulation to be valid for two years. The certificate can then be shown to brands that are interested in developing finished products that comply with the Natrue standards.

“This will be a big help in formulating and developing products – not a way of up speeding certification,” said Julie Tyrrell, Natrue director general. “Brand owners who have bought a Natrue approved formula will need to go through the Natrue certification process in exactly the same way if they want their finished products to bear the Natrue label.

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