Natur-Tec to distribute Ingeo bioplastic in India


The first major sales initiative for Ingeo on the Indian subcontinent

Nature-Tec India is due to market and sell Ingeo bioplastic in India and its surrounding countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

This marks the first major sales initiative on the Indian subcontinent for Ingeo, a naturally advanced bioplastic that can be used in rigid and flexible packaging for personal care products, 3D printing and electronics, among other uses.

Ingeo is made from dextrose/sugar derived from field corn already grown for many industrial and functional end-uses. In North America, corn has been used first because it is the most economically feasible source of plant starches.

Nature-Tec is a subsidiary of marketing company Northern Technologies International and a collaboration between NatureWorks and Northern Technologies International Corporation.

Rich Weber, Asia-Pacific Commercial Director, NatureWorks, said: “Success in a market as diverse and complex as India requires finding the right commercial partner – a partner that knows the market and our Ingeo products, has the respect of local customers, and shares similar values to your own.” He added: “NatureWorks has worked with Northern Technologies International for years in North America. We know and respect the management team, and see this new multifaceted collaboration with Natur-Tec India as an extremely positive commercial development.”

Vineet Dalal, Vice President and Director of Global Market Development for Northern Technologies International, said: “Natur-Tec India’s product and market knowledge in close collaboration with NatureWorks’ technical and commercial support sends a very positive message to customers that they will receive innovative products and an exemplary support infrastructure.”

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