NatureWorks extends range of high performance biopolymers


Polymers and lactide intermediates to be available in 2013

NatureWorks has announced it is to produce a new range of high performance biopolymers and lactide intermediates that are claimed to produce low carbon footprint fibres and plastic products.

The products are manufactured from plants rather than oils and are certified as USDA BioPreferred as they contain 100% bio based carbon content. The resins and lactides will be available next year with commercial sales starting in 2013.

The company has also announced it is to offer high purity, polymer grade Ingeo meso-lactide in commercial quantities, the first company to do so. The Ingeo M700 lactide can be used as an intermediate for a broad range of materials including copolymers, amorphous oligomers and polymers, grafted substrates, resin additives, surfactants and solvents.

The product has a low melting point which makes it more cost effective and easier to process, says NatureWorks.