Neutrogena unveils new at-home skin analysis tool

By Becky Bargh 10-Jan-2018

Neutrogena's Skin360 app and SkinScanner tool track consumer health above and below the skin’s surface

Neutrogena unveils new at-home skin analysis tool
Neutrogena unveils new at-home skin analysis tool

Neutrogena will debut its new skin imagine technology app, Skin360, at the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas.

Skin360 and the SkinScanner tool give users an in-depth understanding of their skin’s condition and needs, above and below the surface.

To use the technology, users can fit the SkinScanner tool over their phone and place on the skin.

The tool captures the size and appearance of pores, the size and depths of fine lines and wrinkles and measures the skin’s moisture level.

The data collected from the tool is then transferred to the app where it will give an overall score on the skin’s health and provide customers with advice on how to improve it.

Sebastien Guillon, Global President of Beauty, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, said: "Shopping for skin care products can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for our consumer because she is uncertain about what her skin really needs.

"Smart and connected technology helps us provide our consumer with personalised analyses and information she needs in real-time so she can make decisions that will help her achieve her best skin ever.”

Josh Ghaim, Chief Technology Officer, Johnson & Johnson Consumer added: “Delivering new beauty tech solutions to consumers aligns with our mission to enhance people's lives through technology.

“Neutrogena Skin360 and the SkinScanner tool is just one of our experiences shaping everyday health for today and tomorrow.”

To create the app, Neutrogena has partnered with start-up Fitskin, founded by Harvard MBA graduate Sergio Rattner.

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The Neutrogena Skin360 app and SkinScanner tool will be available later this year for US$49.99 exclusively online.

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