New Cosmetic Modernization Amendments bill introduced


Aims to strengthen consumer safety without impeding small business practice

US Congressman Pete Sessions (pictured) has introduced a bill that aims to streamline and strengthen consumer safety without “strangling” small cosmetics businesses with red tape.

The bill, the Cosmetic Modernization Amendments of 2015, was introduced on 18 November. If passed, it would amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. For the time being it has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The legislation includes that every domestic and foreign cosmetics manufacturer selling products in the US should be registered with the Secretary within 60 business days after its first commercial sale in the country; secondly, that each registrant be issued with a unique cosmetic establishment registration number with 15 days of receiving registration.

If passed, the bill would also require all cosmetics manufacturers in the US to submit to the Secretary a cosmetic and ingredient statement, which should contain brand names or names of cosmetics, cosmetic category, ingredients lists, and contact details.

Furthermore, the bill aims to protect the public from ill-health as a result of cosmetics. It would require all cosmetics manufacturers, packers or distributors named on a cosmetic to submit to the Secretary any information received about serious or unexpected adverse events associated with a product.

Speaking about the bill, Pam Busiek, President and CEO of The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors association, said: “"This legislation increases consumer protections on cosmetics while allowing continued growth of small and entrepreneurial cosmetics enterprises in the US. The bill will empower these small businesses, who have been the source of product innovation and creativity in our industry, to compete on the national and international stage through national uniformity of regulation."

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