New Launches for in-cosmetics Global: SLVR’Coffee and NovoRetin


As in-cosmetics is finally back this year, we are happy to reveal two interesting new products at the show

New Launches for in-cosmetics Global: SLVR’Coffee and NovoRetin

SLVR’CoffeeTMis based on upcycled coffee silverskin to moisturise and comfort dry skin. The coffee silverskin is the innermost layer of the coffee cherry surrounding the coffee beans.

Due to coffee being one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, 200-400 million kg of coffee silverskin are generated yearly as a main by-product during the roasting process that is mostly discarded.

Mibelle Biochemistry's contribution to the circular economy is the upcycled high-value SLVR'CoffeeTMingredient, which contains recovered valuable molecules from coffee for skin.

Following a biomimetic concept for skin hydration, SLVR'CoffeeTMprotects the epidermis from internal and external stressors as well as transepidermal water loss resulting in improved skin hydration. Therefore, SLVR'CoffeeTM enhances the overall comfort of delicate skin.

NovoRetinTM is presented as a plant-based, stable and safe alternative to retinol. It is based on mastic, which is an aromatic resinfrom the bark of a tree that grows only on the Greek island of Chios.

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NovoRetinTM is able to increase the amount of naturally occurring retinoic acid in the skin, leading to retinol-like effects without the need to apply retinoids topically on the skin. As a unique all-in-one product, it increases skin density and elasticity, reduces pore size and wrinkles, refines skin texture, and creates a smooth and matte finish.

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