New laser marking system targets counterfeiting

EU funded packaging technology recommended for cosmetics

The European Commission has welcomed anti-counterfeiting packaging technology produced by the EU funded €7.4m SFERA project, encouraging the cosmetics sector to use its innovative systems. A Brussels note has stressed SFERA’s development of a “new laser-making system” for marking containers. “It involves marking containers without causing cracks or contamination and applying readable marks.” The system can identify inputs within a supply chain as well as final products. The system is based on a high average power ultrafast laser and a high speed portable reading system, using a high-speed beam delivery system and handling system, plus specific process controls incorporating encryption. Brussels said a benefit for cosmetics and other luxury packaging was a patented ‘diffractive effect’ for markings that incorporates an attractive rainbow pattern. The project also developed a technology for making readable codes in reflection, “easing the integration of the process on production lines”.