New milestone in Albéa’s journey towards 100% recyclable tubes


For the first time, the cap used for an extruded tube will be also recycling-ready, allowing consumers to recycle the whole tube

New milestone in Albéa’s journey towards 100% recyclable tubes

The tube+cap is compatible with established, at-scale HDPE bottles recycling stream.

The tube is a mono-material, downgauged web with white masterbatch that leverages the unique ThinwallTM technology and is assembled with an HDPE shoulder.

The cap is a breakthrough, proprietary mono-material flip-top, convenience cap made from blow molding HDPE grade. The cap’s original design ensures the tube can stand on a shelf and is visibly downgauged, in line with Albéa’s priority to use less plastic and in accordance with the circular packaging ambition of the company. It is also compatible with the Greenleaf 2 laminate tube.

As part of its strategy towards mono material tubes, Albéa has been developing closures made from the same material as the tube body and head. A full range of PE caps is available both in standard screw and flip-top versions to replace PP caps.

New milestone in Albéa’s journey towards 100% recyclable tubes

An example is the SLIM Cap, designed for compactness and made of polyethylen (PE), making it one of the lightest cap on the market. Combined with the ThinwallTM technology, the SLIM Cap helps reduce the weight by nearly 33% compared to a standard cap and sleeve.

Thanks to their possible reuse in PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled), they fully contribute to the circular economy.

By constantly extending its offer of mono-material and recycling-ready tubes and caps, Albéa is driving forward circular packaging solutions that have a minimum impact on the environment.

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For the company, this in turn translates into five priorities: to reduce, to reuse, to recycle, to include PCR and bio-based plastics – a challenging but essential journey.

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