New santalwood biofunctional, inspired by ancient rituals and forest therapy


Ashland captures the kiss of the wind and the dance of the woods to defy skin ageing

Inspired by ancient rituals and forest therapy, Ashland Santalwood biofunctional, is a natural extract from Santalum album that captures the melodic kiss of the wind and dance of the woods to fuel ethereal beauty, an inner fire and outward glow.

It is the first biofunctional to be developed by Ashland with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for well aging that helps transform skin’s appearance from dull and lifeless to vibrant and glowing.

Ashland’s new approach to well-aging through skin olfactory receptors helps mitigates skin damage induced by air pollutants for healthier-looking skin. It fits perfectly for beauty products that focus on well-aging, dry skin, urban defenses, and/or are aligned with existing trends featuring beauty rituals and forest beauty.

Key features and benefits:

  • Brings the well-aging and regenerating benefits of sandalwood through OR2AT4 olfactory receptors
  • Increases cell longevity and reduces cell senescence
  • Enhances skin ceramide synthase and filaggrin in dry skin model dresses
  • Mitigates air pollution damage
  • Clinically tested on skin regeneration, skin firmness, skin luminosity and skin wrinkles.

Technical information:

  • Recommended use level: 1 to 2% (clinically tested at 1% and 2%)
  • COSMOS validation pending
  • Listed on China IECIC and IECSC.
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