New tricks: The 3 lipstick trends shaking up the category

By Lucy Tandon Copp 14-Mar-2017

From jelly flowers to board games, beauty brands are pushing the limits of what the traditional bullet lipstick has to offer

Lipstick is one of the most recognisable products in the world.

Thought to date back to the Ancient Sumerian’s some 5,000 years ago, lipstick has enjoyed a level of continued consumer uptake that not many other modern day items can boast.

But come 2017 and beauty brands are breaking the mould with new concepts and formulas.

1. Ready for that jelly

Most consumers are visually oriented, and people tend to recognise colours, shapes and patterns more quickly than they understand words.

Winky Lux has recently signed a retail deal with ASOS

Kailijumei, a make-up distribution company from China, caught the attention of consumers online last year with the launch of what was said to be the world’s first transparent ‘jelly’ lipsticks made with gold flakes and real flowers.

And the features of this lipstick don’t stop there. The product also plays on the trend for personalisation, with a colour-changing ability depending on the user’s body temperature.

The company told Cosmetics Business it could not reveal manufacturing details, but did confirm that the process “isn’t simple”.

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A spokesperson explained that the company believes the success of the products is down to consumer desire for “delicacy, femininity and...

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