New vegan formulation kit by Vantage


A recent study by Mintel revealed that 37 to 51% of European beauty consumers considered “cruelty-free” claims to matter to them.

“Vegan” and “cruelty-free” were among the fastest rising ethical claims, trumping the growth of environment-related claims.

As consumers begin to align their purchasing habits with their life-style commitments, the focus on environmental protection and animal well-being has increased with mainstream beauty users.

This trend is driving the rapid rise in popularity of vegan claims and allowed its expansion from the food to the cosmetic industry. Vegan is gradually becoming a new standard for cosmetics manufacturers, forcing them to enforce strict processes around sourcing and testing of raw materials.

Makeup is particularly touched by this trend as the category is profoundly impacted by social media coverage. “Cruelty-free” and “vegan” are highly recurring claims brought forward by key opinion leaders when reviewing or even launching new makeup ranges.

Vantage Specialty Ingredients introduces a new vegan makeup collection, featuring ingredients free of animal-cruelty and meeting standards for vegan cosmetics. The new range includes:

Radiant Cushion Highlighter VPC.09.19.008
Luminous Foundation VCP.09.19.030
Creamy Vegan Loose Powder VPC.09.19.031
Creamy Vegan Lipstick VPC.09.19.032
Metallic Lip Foil - Light Pink VPC.09.19.027
Butter Gloss VPC.09.19.033
Metallic Eye Gloss VPC.09.18.012
Vegan Soft Eye Brightener VPC.09.19.034

These formulations leverage naturally derived ingredients such as our new Liponate CCC MB, an ultra-light and moisturizing emollient, Jojoba Wax Flakes, a beeswax alternative for color stick formulations or Distinctive Emul-Lipid BA-CC, a natural, bio-mimetic emulsifier that combines sensorial and skin care benefits.

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