Nikkie Tutorials launches campaign to end make-up shaming

By Sarah Parsons 9-Mar-2017

The Germany based vlogger is working with Meitu's MakeupPlus app to help raise $100,000 for the United Nations-initiated Peacemakers Network

Beauty vlogging influencer, Nikkie Tutorials, has partnered with Meitu's MakeupPlus app in an attempt to end make-up 'shaming' and allow users to instantly try her make-up styles via mobile filters.

In the YouTube video announcing the partnership she claimed a negative tweet inspired the partnership.

She said: “Make-up shaming is real and make-up shaming has to be put to an end. What harm does it do to you to let someone play with make-up and feel their best selves?”

The influencer first gained media attention in 2015 with her Power of Makeup “half-face” make-up tutorial that aimed to enforce the transformative power of make-up. It has since had nearly 35 million views.

Her latest venture with MakeupPlus allows consumers to virtually try on her make-up looks so they can share across social media.

The app will also raise funds for the United Nations-initiated Peacemakers Network women's empowerment initiatives.

Fans are encouraged to download the MakeupPlus app and share one of the #SHEUnites virtual make-up looks to help raise up to $100,000 for the initiative.

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The money raised will go towards training, and workshops, and help build a supportive network for women around the world.