Nip+Man – New man about town


Nip+Man, the \'sister\' company of Nip+Fab, greets the male cosmetics consumer with an overtly metrosexual presence but looks to take a firm grip on the market

The men’s cosmetics market has a new brand in its midst, Nip+Man. Skin care entrepreneur Maria Hatzistefanis explains how and why her newest entry differs from the others, as Chris McLeod reports

Men’s toiletries have been a staple of the personal care industry for many a year since men, or possibly more so their partners, decided that inhibiting any potential malodour through the use of toiletry products was a good decision for all involved. However, more recently we have seen the introduction of the 21st Century man, who doesn’t shy away from the identification of being metrosexual or sensitive. With this has come a surge in the production and purchasing of men’s grooming products as the male consumer seeks to ameliorate his appearance.

A successful beginning

Maria Hatzistefanis has been a dedicated businesswoman in the skin care industry since the nineties. In 1999, she launched the luxury Rodial brand, which quickly gained a cult celebrity following after finding a gap in the market that promoted an alternative to aesthetic plastic surgery; the brand featured non-invasive, naturally derived products packed with collagen-boosting, firming and anti-ageing properties.

<i>Maria Hatzistefanis prides the new Nip+Man range on being one of the first that targets different areas of the male physique</i>

Maria Hatzistefanis prides the new Nip+Man range on being one of the first that targets different areas of the male physique

Nip+Man – New man about town

After Rodial’s success, Hatzistefanis wanted to expand her reach to the mass market with skin and body care ranges that could provide similar results but at a lower price point. This in turn gave rise to Rodial’s sister brand Nip+Fab in the late noughties. “I wanted to create something that would be available to any budget but that would have the same amazing results as Rodial,” she tells ECM. “Nip+Fab has become so successful because the products really work. There is always a buzz around our new launches and I think that really helps us get noticed, but we owe our success to repeat customers who truly believe in our products. We also invest heavily in marketing with innovative new product launch campaigns, a lot of product giveaways and exciting promotions.”


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