Norberto Mugarza introduces Pharmaclay's latest innovation

The brand has launched Clayspray, billed as the “world’s first clay spray emulsion” that is unlike any other face mask on the market

Having worked in consultancy for ten years, Norberto Mugarza tells Cosmetics Business how he combined his business management skills with a passion for cosmetic research and development to create Clayspray, billed as the “world’s first clay spray emulsion” that is unlike any other face mask on the market.

What is Clayspray and how does the concept work?

Clayspray is a range of products based on enriched, emulsified clays that are prepared using natural mineral water. As a result of our worldwide patent and the maturation process, Clayspray is unique. We have six different clay products and two mineral rich H2O sprays to complete the initial range.

How is Clayspray different to any other clay based products?

Our products only have six or seven ingredients in them and they are solely based on 100 million year old pure clay from the Irene Mine in the Iberian Peninsula. The formulation is balanced so acutely that Clayspray’s patented dual chamber cylinder ensures that the air propellant never comes into contact with the ingredients, preserving its unique consistency and ensuring it never dries out. It has been a long process to finetune as initially, retaining the balance of the water and clay as an emulsion without separating, while storing it without the air contaminating the balance, was a difficult issue to resolve. Thankfully, we got there.

Patent system aside, Clayspray will give customers unique, visible skin benefits after one application. Importantly, this will happen from the first time they use the product to the very last time, which can even be a year later because the formulation’s balance is kept consistent. In addition to this, it is also a natural product.

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