NuGene secures retail deal with


The NuGene Kathy Ireland brand will start selling on the dermatologist-run website

NuGene International, a manufacturer of skin and hair care lines using human stem cells, has secured a deal with to sell its NuGene Kathy Ireland products on its website.

Created in collaboration with US actress, supermodel and entrepreneur Kathy Ireland, who is also the brand's Chief Designer, NuGene Kathy Ireland features facial skin care products formulated with multiple human growth factors, polypeptides, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that aim to reduce signs of ageing, restore skin health and improve luminosity. is dermatologist-owned and operated by Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon Joel Schlessinger. He said: “I am delighted to carry NuGene as I have followed their products intently for some time now. The concept of adipose stem cells leading to regeneration of collagen and other fibroblasts has intrigued me for years. NuGene's formulation eliminates much of the risk found in other growth factor products while leading to a renewal of our skins' natural innate resources. Use of these products is a simple way to rejuvenate our skin in combination with other actives such as antioxidants. Moreover, the team at NuGene is phenomenal. I am truly honored to be a part of their family."

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Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer for Kathy Ireland Worldwide, added: "We are excited to have our NuGene Skincare products available at, one of the nation's leading skincare destinations. We believe our NuGene products are revolutionary as NuGene is unlike anything else on the market today. Aging, sun damage, lines and wrinkles are beautifully addressed by our collection. We thank for joining us in offering the greatest innovation in skincare to you."


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