O&3 grows product range for 2020


The new cold pressed oils including Onion Seed, Cabbage Seed and Spinach Seed, as well as more

O&3 grows product range for 2020

Natural oils supplier O&3 is celebrating its first year of success by launching new ingredients that the company believes will be “big players” throughout 2020.

“We’re constantly talking to our customers and have brought a number of innovative and unique ingredients to market in the past year – including our recent additions just launched,” said Chief Executive and co-founder Jennifer Wood.

The new cold pressed oils are: Onion Seed, which promotes hair growth and stimulates the scalp; Spinach Seed, said to be ideal for damaged and ageing skin; Cabbage Seed, high in vitamin C; Radish Seed, rich in omega-9 and fatty acids; and Coriander Seed, a high source of vitamin E which also boasts antibacterial properties.

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