Omega Ingredients partners with Lebermuth

Omega will use Lebermuth’s standard mint essential oils in fragrances and cosmetics

Omega Ingredients, a creator of specialist natural flavours, ingredients and aromas, has announced a new partnership with The Lebermuth Company, a specialist in essential oils and producer of flavour raw materials.

Omega will use Lebermuth’s standard mint essential oils, available in the UK and Europe, in the production and manufacturing of fragrances and cosmetics, as well as food and beverages.

Steve Pearce, CEO and founder of Omega Ingredients, said: “We are delighted to grow and expand our product range to incorporate Lebermuth’s high quality mint oils. We source only the very best quality in our raw materials and Lebermuth’s mint essential oils personify one of their key core values, ‘quality’, which makes this partnership a perfect fit.”


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