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Capturing your audience online through innovative e-commerce sites is critical to standing out from the crowd

Although the e-commerce market is now relatively mature, there are still too many beauty sites that fail to deliver a unique experience for today’s discerning online consumer, as Nic Aylett reports

The health, beauty and cosmetics industry is a fiercely competitive market, where the need for differentiation is paramount for a brand to thrive. Consumers are now demanding a higher level of online services, reflecting the beauty shopper’s point of sale journey in a bricks and mortar store, where the sale is won or lost. This is where the interaction of the brand comes to life and where seeds of loyalty are planted. Successful online brands follow a best practice approach and have four key things in common.

Understanding your audience

To create a successful e-commerce strategy you need to determine who your potential customers are, and to understand their emotional needs and concerns. Armed with that information, you can develop strategies that will attract customers to your products, which will increase conversion rates. Your audience is unique to your online store and it is composed of established connections that you can reach out to. Research can determine which of today’s online beauty shoppers are best for your market, how often they shop, what they shop for and what motivates them to shop online. It’s important to focus on what they want to hear, not what you want to say.


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