Oral care: BASF supports the mouth’s mineral balance

By Julia Wray 9-Mar-2022

Enameguard binds to the surface of enamel and can be used in toothpaste and mouthwashes

<i>BASF's latest launch is for the oral care category</i>

BASF's latest launch is for the oral care category

BASF Care Creations has launched a new oral care ingredient Enameguard, developed to support the buffering effect of saliva and aid in the remineralisation of tooth enamel.

BASF explained that acid from the daily consumption of certain foods and beverages can result in processes leading to enamel softening and erosion.

Enameguard binds to the surface of enamel and interacts with the surrounding calcium and phosphate ions found in saliva.

Moreover, while similar technologies are water sensitive, according to BASF, Enameguard is highly water soluble.

“After years of research, we are excited to bring Enameguard to the market,” said Nader Mahmoud, BASF’s Vice President of Business Management for Personal Care North America.

“Enameguard is an excellent example of BASF’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability to meet the demands of our customers and the end consumer in the oral care space.”

Enameguard is 100% derived from natural and renewable feedstocks and can be use in a variety of oral care products, including mouthwash and toothpaste.

It is cold processable and suitable for formulations according to EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Bra Miljöval.

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In addition, Enameguard is produced via an enzymatic process and is non-GMO.

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