PCD New York 2019 Conference Program Announced: Future Beauty Packaging Live

Published: 22-Aug-2019

PCD New York program and presenter highlights include:

Plastics in Turmoil: Towards Greener Alternatives in Beauty Packaging — With increasingly ecologically responsible consumers and brands beginning to challenge themselves to develop new, smarter ways to package their products, the market is being asked to find alternatives and unravel the practices of using plastic too systematically.

The debate is open, because bioplastics, glass, or not using packaging at all are options that each have their own disadvantages. This transition needs fresh, rule-breaking thinking. But today's consumers are open to changing habits if the end experience is dramatically better for them and the planet. Chairman: Christophe Pradère – CEO & Founder - BETC Design.

Global vs. Local: Packaging Challenges of International Growth — 2019 is an exciting year for packaging designers and brands alike. From amazing color combinations to no color at all, from minimalism to vintage styles, and from ingenious packaging solutions to plastic-free packaging, it’s a year of contrasts, where everything is possible.

Designers are finding new, clever ways to make products practically jump off the shelves. But how do you ensure your packaging looks the same in every territory your brand is sold in? Chairwoman: Kameelah S. Majied - Associate Director of Project Management - Merck.

PCD New York 2019 Conference Program Announced: Future Beauty Packaging Live

The Future of Perfume Packaging: a panel organized in partnership with the International Perfume Foundation:

  • The evolution of fragrance packaging in history
  • Why is packaging, health and the environment a major 21st century issue?
  • Will consumers’ needs for sustainability and the return to natural products drive important and necessary changes in tomorrow’s fragrance packaging?
  • What efforts will be needed to follow the New Luxury Code?
  • What are the issues in improving packaging and packing today?
  • Is it an opportunity for veteran designers and new players?

Chairwoman: Creezy Courtoy – Founder and Chairwoman - The International Perfume Foundation.

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