PURASAL NH/COS significantly reduces skin dryness


Clinical study with Purac\'s PURASAL® NH/COS for dry skin concluded with a positive outcome

Purac today announced that a clinical study with PURASAL® NH/COS for extremely dry skin concluded with positive outcome. The study demonstrated that a lotion with PURASAL® NH/COS, significantly reduced visible skin dryness, roughness and desquamation or flaking.

Dry skin is a common condition that is experienced by many people and can be caused by different internal or external factors. Especially in the winter period skin is affected by the dry winter conditions, while on top of that indoor heating dries out skin even more, leaving it dehydrated, appearing dull and rough. PURASAL® NH/COS offers a high performance solution for extremely dry skin, reducing dryness and visibly restoring skin to a healthy-looking condition and making it feel smooth and supple.

The PURASAL® NH/COS clinical study was designed to evaluate the benefits on extremely dry skin. In this study, a lotion containing PURASAL® NH/COS was applied by women with very dry skin, during wintertime. Three weeks of treatment were followed by a 2-week regression period in which no product was applied.

Dr. Sylvia Nefkens, Senior Technical Marketing Specialist Personal Care: “The results of the hydration measurement showed that the lotion with PURASAL® NH/COS gave significant superior moisturization compared to the placebo group during the 3 weeks of treatment as well as during the regression period, demonstrating PURASAL® NH/COS restoring skin to a healthy condition, whereas the placebo lotion merely was masking the symptoms of dry skin. The appearance of the skin treated with PURASAL® NH/COS visibly improved, flakes and ashiness were reduced and the skin looked smooth, healthy and radiant.”

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PURASAL® NH/COS is a concentrated solution of the ammonium salt of natural L-Lactic acid, produced by fermentation from biobased carbohydrates. It is especially suited for formulations for extremely dry skin. By normalizing the keratinization process, it restores the stratum corneum to its normal, healthy condition and makes skin look beautiful, soft and smooth again.