Package decorator AQL adds new technology and capabilities

Published: 9-May-2011

Fairview, New Jersey-based package decorator AQL Decorating Inc already has the first OMSO Axial machine in the US, which allows continuous 360 degree printing, even on irregularly shaped containers. The addition of two pieces of state-of-the-art equipment adds capabilities that will reduce waste, improve quality and give clients even more creative options.

With a new Shorewood 6500 Series Rotary pressure-sensitive labeller, the company’s second such machine, AQL brings increased high-speed, front-and-back labelling capacity. According to AQL vp and general manager Jim Sheehan: “This is the machine for precision, simultaneous front- and back-labelling applications. Not only does it dramatically reduce scrap rates, it can perform high-speed labelling on both round and oval bottles. Our customers get a quality product, quickly.”

AQL has also purchased an OMSO Novax M that features six-colour capabilities. Another high-speed performer, OMSO is a manufacturer of premier decorating machines. Sheehan explains: “What the Novax M brings to the table is the ability to flame treat, apply ink and UV cure all in one motion – it’s just one more way we can create a great looking container that meets the demands and needs of our customers.”

With almost 50 years of experience in bringing decorating solutions to its clients, Sheehan says the commitment to reducing waste while keeping quality high will never grow old. “We don’t want to just keep up with technology; we always want to be one step ahead.” With the addition of these two machines, it looks like AQL is already in the passing lane.

AQL Decorating Inc is a member of the Union, New Jersey-based O.Berk family of packaging companies. Supplying turnkey decorating solutions for 50 years on glass, plastic, metal or wood, in dram to gallon sizes and in various shapes, AQL is committed to the technology and expertise required to helping its customers’ products stand out on any shelf.

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