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Primary packaging suppliers are offering a wide range of collections of tubes, tottles, jars and bottles that allow C&T companies to use complementary packaging across a line or across an entire brand. These include customisation, semi-customisation or standard packaging, along with flip-top caps, overcaps, pumps and material and surface treatment options. Brands that have come up with innovative plastic, glass and airless packaging solutions include M&H Plastics, Lumson, DieterBakicDesign, Stölzle Flaconnage, Measom Freer and Spectra Packaging

Primary packaging suppliers offer an extensive selection of standard bottles, jars and tubes to suit every formulation and brand positioning. Julia Wray discovers some of the most recent additions

Packaging has long been considered an effective promotional tool for C&T brands. But it now plays a more important role than ever when it comes to creating a strong, cohesive brand image.

As ceo of DieterBakicDesign and DieterBakicEnterprises, Dominic Bakic, explains: “Brands are still struggling with fragmentation in the market and their limitation to create a complete line-up when it comes to non-cylindrical shapes. Moreover, the ongoing diminishing influence of advertising means packaging has evolved from the silent salesperson to the loud brand ambassador and the most important means of communication for brands.”


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