Panasonic creates compact version of nanoe hairdryer


Hairdryer uses nanotechnology to dry hair and prevent damage

Panasonic creates compact version of nanoe hairdryer

Panasonic has launched an advanced compact hairdryer, the EH-NA27-K nanoe. The product is designed with busy consumers and travellers in mind.

Destiny Vancans, Product Manager, Beauty at Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, explained: “Backed by our innovative nanoe technology, we developed this new hair dryer to meet the needs of on-the-go consumers who wanted the same great benefits of our full-sized nanoe hair dryer in a more compact, travel-friendly and space-saving design.”

The hair dryer is makes use of Panasonic’s nanoe technology, which produces nano-sized electrostatic atomised water ions, which are said to retain 1,000 times more moisture than regular negative ions. This prevents the hair from drying out during styling and helps give the hair a beautiful, healthy appearance. The technology also prevents damage to the hair when brushing and styling after drying.

A quick-dry nozzle attachment is included with the compact hairdryer to reduce hair drying times. The nozzle disperses air in two sections, with a stronger current at the centre and softer flow around the edges. The use of alternating airflow seperates hair strands, making it easier to dry the hair effectively.

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The device also has a folding handle for easy storage making it deal for travel.