Pantone colour of the year and its impact on cosmetics


From hair stylers to lip paint, the Pantone colour of the year will frequently impact all aspects of the beauty industry. But how does the Pantone Color Institute decide which hue is worthy of the title? Laurie Pressman explains the selection process

Pantone colour of the year and its impact on cosmetics

Each year the intrigue surrounding the Pantone Color of the Year selection continues to grow.

Who is involved? Is it global? When do we decide? How do we decide? Was it close? Were there other colours or colour families in the running? And most importantly, what was the reason behind our colour selection?

The power of colour

Throughout history, people have always been captivated by colour: its beauty in nature, the elemental role it plays in creating a mood, how colour is used to express how we feel or convey a message, and the way in which it influences us psychologically and physiologically, often at a very visceral or subliminal level.

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When the team at the Pantone Color Institute created a Pantone colour of the year programme in 1999, we wanted to focus on the ...

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