Paptic forges new packaging category for eco-conscious brands

By Becky Bargh 9-May-2019

The Finnish firm offers products that are transferable across a number of sectors

Eco-conscious manufacturer Paptic is forging a new beauty packaging category with the launch of its Tringa material.

The Finnish firm’s versatile material is designed to combine the features of high quality paper and durability of non-wovens that can be adapted to a number of sectors.

For the beauty industry the material can be made into wash bags, make-up bags, gift wrap and box lining.

One of its hero products is a sustainable shopping bag, which is said to have a lifespan of up to 100 uses.

The packaging including its shipping options are also plastic free, recyclable, compostable and reusable.

Companies can also customise their packaging by foiling, embossing and varnishing, or add zippers, buttons and handles.

Paptic also claims its manufacturing technology is more energy efficient as it uses less energy and water during the production process.

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