Philosophy's bright future

Brand's brighten my day line claims to diminish dark spots, redness and pores

Coty owned skin care brand Philosophy has introduced a new range promising to deliver radiant, translucent skin. Products in its brighten my day line are designed to diminish dark spots, redness and pores, thanks to a 10.3.3 brightening and perfecting complex. The complex is said to deliver ten complementary actions on pigmentation: reducing the release of pro melanin messengers linked to UV exposure; reducing pro melanin messengers generating age spots; reducing the fixation of pro melanin messengers on melanocyte receptors; reducing the release of pro darkening messengers following skin irritation; reducing the over-activation of genes involved in melanogenesis; reducing the activity of tyrosinase; decreasing melanin content into melanocytes; counteracting melanosomes maturation; reducing melanosomes transfer; and activating exfoliation. It is also claimed to refine and tighten pores, while reducing redness and soothing the skin.

The three-sku line comprises an all-over skin brightening essence, an all-over skin perfecting lotion and an expert dark spot and pore whitening peel pen.