Plumping for cushions: The rise of compact packaging


Asia-inspired compact packaging is growing in popularity worldwide

With the desire for beautiful beauty packaging being an integral part of Northeast Asian consumer culture, it is perhaps no surprise that Japanese and South Korean cosmetics companies have led the way with compacts, whose popularity is spreading worldwide.

Asia trending

When Japanese cosmetics companies start developing a new compact product, its packaging needs to meet two basic requirements: it has to delight the user with the way it looks; and it must be easy and convenient to use. And maybe nowhere in the world are cosmetics consumers as demanding as in Japan, believes Trina Tan Ker Wei, Editor of, a website informing the Asian packaging sector and users, and joint author of Zen and the Technology of Japanese Packaging Design, an industry market report. “The Japanese consumer is a sophisticated one, used to purchasing packaged products with quality design and ease-of-use features. What we outside Japan might consider to be smart, innovative packaging features, the Japanese consumer considers the norm,” she says.


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