Provital Wonderage shown to boost emotional wellbeing of mature women

Wonderage is derived from Siraitia grosvenorii used in traditional Chinese medicine

Provital has used artificial intelligence to demonstrate the positive emotional impact that its new active ingredient, Wonderage, has on mature women at a subconscious level.

Wonderage is derived from the fruit of Siraitia grosvenorii (pictured), an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant used in traditional Chinese medicine.

To demonstrate its efficacy, the supplier conducted a neurostudy in collaboration with Kernel Business Consulting (KBC), which specialises in advanced techniques for analysing the subconscious mind. Two aspects were evaluated: the evaluation of the subconscious versus the conscious mind; and Wonderage compared with placebo.

The neurostudy panel comprised 47 volunteers between 60-75 years of age, with 23 women trialling a placebo sample and 24 applying a 2% Wonderage sample, day and night, to the face and neck for 56 days. Volunteers responded to questionnaires on their appearance and the way they felt, while their facial expressions were analysed using ImagineLab technology. Mindlogics Artifical Intelligence was used to compare the conscious mind’s responses with the subconscious mind’s responses.

Subconsciously, 58% of the volunteers expressed that they felt amazing, were happy and had a greater quality of life, 29% above what their conscious mind stated. But, notably, those in the Wonderage-using group revealed greater wellbeing scores than those in the placebo control group.

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