Pujolasos: a touch of class for the exclusive Maison Incens perfume


The new Maison Incens perfumes find inspiration in oneiric visions.

Elegant, distinguished, attractive and, of course, dreamy – the new Maison Incens perfumes find inspiration in oneiric visions that invite you to give your imagination free rein and let yourself be carried away.

With aesthetics marked by ochre tones and vivid nuances, the firm has chosen Pujolasos to crown each of its perfumes with a sophisticated touch of class: exclusive wooden caps.

The brains behind the new fragrance are enigmatic women with strong personalities and an ability to express their vision. Under the slogan: "Whoever holds the secret of fragrant essences holds power", they imply a creative process evoking lost worlds, unknown lands and epic legends.

All the fragrances are grouped together as part of an epic and creative saga. The Cuir Erindil perfume offers an invitation to travel through the senses to the heart of Middle Earth, and includes notes of bergamot and mandarin. This line also features the perfumes Figue Aoudii (Bergamot & Orange Blossom), Figue Eleii (Fig and Green), Tabac Licorii (Anise % Liquorice) and the stunning Musk Kalirii, with notes of bergamot and cherry, and a delicious base of Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Rose.

Each of the different varieties of the perfume is displayed in a delicate 100 ml glass bottle with a natural vaporiser spray and crowned with the Pujolasos hardwood cap.

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The new Maison Incens line represents another step forward for Pujolasos in its firm commitment to quality and creativity, which adds value to brands and enriches the end product with a nice finish and a guarantee of sustainability.