Purearth traces the accountability and source of its product journey using blockchain technology through Provenance

Purearth has taken steps towards greater transparency by partnering with Provenance, a London-based digital platform that empowers brands to audit and verify their claims to transparency, accountability and sustainability through a stringent verification process using blockchain technology.

Purearth gathers and presents information and stories about its creations, sourcing and supply chains, formulations and packaging, including verified data to support them.

By connecting this information to elements – in store, on pack and online, Provenance helps discovers the origin, journey and impact of Purearth’s creations.

The blockchain technology used further securely stores information - inherently auditable, unchangeable and open, so Purearth can project its products as not only transparent, but also trustworthy.

Purearth brings a digital dimension to its range of products and reinforces a genuine connection between its creations and the people who create and consume them, through a firm commitment to open, accessible information.

The data is linked to Purearth’s creations through innovatively designed QR code stickers for each product, taking the customer online where they may view the concerned product’s journey from start to finish.

Linking the digital with the physical, the entire process powers a system where customers as well as everyone in the supply chain can become a part of Purearth’s sustainable journey.

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