Puresil ORG1: The green solution to deliver refinement


Among the Puresil Elastomer Gel range, Elkem has developed Puresil ORG01, a new innovative exciting green solution with unique beauty enhancing efficacy

In a cosmetic market evolving to support priorities like safety, naturality and environmental responsibility, the delivery of outstanding performance with natural ingredients is always a challenge.

Among the Puresil Elastomer Gel range, a series of cross-linked elastomer gels based on dimethicone-vinyl dimethicone cross-polymers swollen into different carrier fluids, Elkem has developed Puresil ORG01, a new innovative exciting green solution with unique beauty enhancing efficacy.

Puresil ORG 1 is the most innovative and ecologically forward-thinking ingredient of Puresil Elastomer gels.

It is a clear to translucent silicon elastomer gel diluted in a naturally derived carrier, C13-15 Alkane, derived from the fermentation of sustainable sourced sugar cane.

C13-15 Alkane is considered as 100% natural according to ISO 16128 making Puresil ORG1 the perfect choice for formulators looking for plant-based, eco-friendly and responsible solutions.

In addition to its naturality, this carrier fluid has compatibility with many commonly used cosmetic ingredients and is considered non VOC. It also shows a quick absorption rate very similar to D5 (or Mirasil CM5).

C13-15 Alkane can in fact be a good alternative to mimic volatility of D5.

It has been proven that the sensory attributes of Puresil ORG1 are very similar to the elastomer gels delivered into D5. The sensory profiles carried out on Puresil ORG1 and BSG 5040 are shown in figure 1.

The key difference of Puresil Elastomer gels delivering their exceptional performance compared to competitive silicones elastomer gels, is the refinement (small particle size) of the polymers.

The elastomer gel is broken into very small particles that leads to a much higher efficacy. Finer particle sizes will ease the spreading without any balling effect, providing an even coverage and better film formation.

When applied to the skin, Puresil will spread into the roughness and fill in the skin lines bestowing the skin with a silky, smooth, powdery, cushiony feeling.

Puresil ORG1 even shows a superior performance in terms of sensory luxuriousness, additionally providing instantly perceivable optical wrinkle masking and blurring. Compared to bare skin, skin treated with ORG1 is instantly transformed into much smoother looking skin.

Graph: Sensory analysis of PURESIL™ ORG01 and PURESIL™ BSG 5040 (same elastomer gel diluted into D5)

Graph: Sensory analysis of PURESIL™ ORG01 and PURESIL™ BSG 5040 (same elastomer gel diluted into D5)

As with all the other Puresil grades, Puresil ORG01 shows great rheological modifying capabilities to thicken the formulation, enabling the formulation’s textures and replacing the traditional thickeners.

All the tests conducted show higher thickening effects of Puresil ORG1 compared with the same cross polymer swollen in D5, providing a unique texture.

Additionally, different levels of viscosity can be reached using different percentages of cross-polymer into both water-silicone and anhydrous formulations.

In terms of protection against UV exposure, which can lead to premature ageing, the film quality is a crucial factor. Puresil ORG1 acts as a Sunscreen SPF booster; the lower particle size combined with the solvent’s nature provide a better solubility of UV filters, an even coverage and better film properties.

This is crucial to increase the protection of sunscreen formulations and to lower the use of UV filters.

In conclusion, Puresil ORG1 is a highly innovative, ecologiclly forward-thinking ingredient, perfect to create clean, plant-based, eco-friendly, responsible formulations.

It is totally suited for various cosmetic applications like skin care, make up and sun care. It’s a unique opportunity for brands and formulators to differentiate through performance enhancements and to participate in the global sustainability trend.

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